The God of Nothing Theory

The God of Nothing theory explores the popular and widely accepted concept that there is a supreme being; a God who created the universe. So far there have been many schools of thought that dispute this belief; from outright Atheists to Agnostics; the latter arguing that neither hypothesis can be proven; at least not at the present time.

Enough has been said and written on both sides of the argument so I am not going to get into that discussion. What I want to take a deeper look at is the concept of God itself and to examine the implications of the Theory of God.

These are some of the things theist believe to be true of God

  1. That he is eternal, meaning that he always was and always would be
  2. That he created the universe and all that is in it, including the world and all manner of life therein; whether in seven days, one day or longer, the time frame is unimportant.
  3. That he is all knowing; he knows our thoughts, keeps a record of all our deeds etc. etc.

The list goes on and on but for the purpose of this discussion, let’s focus on just the powers listed above for now, perhaps we can look at the other claims in a subsequent discussion on life after death, judgement etc.

Ok, so if we were to accept the above mentioned three bullets to be true, it would mean that there was a time when there was no universe, no world, no life, nothing except God. This makes me wonder:

  1. How long did this state of nothingness exist?
  2. What was God occupied with when nothing else existed? (Well nothing material at least)

How long did this state of nothingness exist? It’s difficult to say since time as we know it is part of the material world in which we live. But if God existed before time, then we can only imagine God just being there, alone in himself (since there is no space and time) in another dimension if you like, for some indeterminable period, before he decided to create the universe or anything else. We therefore must conclude that before creation, there existed a “GOD OF NOTHING”

So what’s the implication of this theory? It means that one cannot believe that God always existed and that he created the universe sometime during his existence without also believing that he was once, a “God of Nothing”.

Since the concept of a “God of Nothing” is ridiculous, then the concept of a God of Everything is also …… well you continue the sentence.   

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2 Responses to The God of Nothing Theory

  1. shorepca says:

    There is one consideration missing from your “God of Nothing” conception and that is the Christian understanding of a Triune God. The Church has always understood that the only consistent conception of God that answers all the “data” of Biblical expression is “one God in three persons.”
    Not one God in three different manifestations or three gods in fellowship, but one Godhead eternally existing in three distinct persons. It must be granted that this is beyond our ability to comprehend, but the eternal existence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit existing in essential unity, yet distinct personality, answers the question of “nothing” since God has always been His own “universe.”
    This eternal fellowship has been creative, loving, joyful, and active throughout all time. The fact that there was nothing outside of the Godhead does not mean that there was indeed “nothing.”
    One other point–the Christian God is also understood to transcend time. There is, for Him, no before or after–only an eternal “now.” God did not somehow languish in a “before” when there was nothing since He is not in any way time-bound. Is it any wonder that the Bible presents God’s nature as be unfathomable?

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