Should atheists celebrate Christmas?

No? Why not? Celebrating Christmas to me is no different from celebrating any other holiday in the year. Most of my friends and relatives are Christians and Christmas is a very big deal for them. It’s a time when everyone engages in acts of generosity and good will towards each other and especially towards the more unfortunate ones among us.

So what’s wrong with celebrating such an event? Is celebrating the birth of Jesus an acknowledgement that he was God? I don’t think so. You can stick to your principles that there is no evidence that he was God or that God even exists. His teachings however did transform the world and has had a positive impact on humanity. Even in these days, his message of brotherly love is as valid today as it was in those early days, isn’t it?

So to all my atheist friends, I wish you all a very merry Christmas and let’s all go forward with positive thoughts for the future of mankind for the benefit of believers and disbelievers alike.

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