Life is a stage. If you dress the part, you would be believed.

If you see a policeman out of uniform, he looks just like any one of us and we do not feel intimidated by him, Similarly, if you see a cleric out of uniform, be it Muslim, Jewish or Christian, he looks just like you and me and we are not in awe over his demeanour. But just let him put on his dress, a skull cap on his head, grow his beard and look like he is the image of Jesus, or Abraham or Mohammed and all of a sudden he is transformed in our eyes and we believe he now has some kind of majestic and supernatural power over us. What bull shit.

This reminds me of the old super hero comic books where all they had to do was to put on their capes and all of a sudden, wham! they have super powers and are invincible and out to save the world.  Isn’t it time for us to grow up?

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