Up until very recently, I used to wonder why so many people held on to their religious teachings like rats on a sinking ship, in the face of all the compelling evidence that so much of it is obviously false. At first, it bothered me. Can’t they see that none of this makes any sense? How can they justify all of this baloney? Why are they still following these so called “men of God” who are obviously in it just for the money and power? Why are they still clinging to the teachings of an ancient and obviously crazy desert dweller who lived so many centuries ago? How are they able to so casually dismiss the findings of modern science and technology in favor of these ancient writings?

Then I saw this clip on Facebook and it all began to make sense to me.


Ever since the beginning of time, we humans have been obsessed with Magic. It has nothing to do with whether or not these religious doctrines were divinely inspired, or represent the truth in any form or manner, it really is just all about the entertainment, and the best form of entertainment is a magic show. When you add music and singing to these magic tricks, you have a show that will go on for centuries.

Yes, I am saying that all religions are fundamentally based on magic.

  • A man parting the sea with a wave of the hand; – Magic!
  • A woman getting pregnant and bearing a child while still remaining a virgin; – Magic!
  • A man walking on water; – Magic!
  • A man executed in the most spine chilling way comes back to life after three days; – Magic!
  • A man ascending into heaven on a horse; – Magic!

I can go on and on, but you get the idea.

Let’s be real folks, the truth is boring as hell (pun intended), and no one wants to hear it. People just want to be entertained and the more empty their lives are, the more they will seek this entertainment. That is why you will find all those old ladies and spinsters who have very little to look forward to in their personal lives, flocking to religious events. They are looking for entertainment. They are seeking an alternative from reality and they find it in abundance in these magical stories.

When religiously inclined people immerse themselves in these stories, it becomes part of their lives and they become part of the story, At that point, it is pointless to expect them to extricate themselves from such a magical journey and accept the boring realities of life.

We who can see that it’s just a charade are the lucky ones, as we can still discern fact from fiction, truth from lies, sense from nonsense and objective reality from wishful thinking, and we can only look on in despair, at those who can only find meaning in their lives through this type of magical thinking.

Life in itself is magical and doesn’t need the addition of man made tricks for us to appreciate the wonder of it all!

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3 Responses to Magic

  1. truthspew says:

    Interesting on the magic theme. Yeah I grew up going to Catholic churches and schools. But around the ages between 8 and 15 it came to me that to step back and examine the Catholic church with a rather jaundiced eye. It really was a spectacle, from the multi-colored stained glass, the thunderous music, even the scents which I now know are frankincense and myrrh.

    Funny story on those last two – the SO brought home some actual frankincense and myrrh. When burned I said “Wow, smells like a Catholic church in here. “

    • Gushopper says:

      I too began to have doubts in my early teenage years, but it still took me a while to face the truth that these stories were just that, stories. I still had to play along just to avoid the negative repercussions from family, friends and society in general, but there comes a point in your life when you have to be true to yourself. That time for me is now.

      • Truthspew says:

        Yeah I understand that. I was surrounded by a bunch of god botherers. Told em’ all they believed in something akin to Santa Claus.

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