Why does God exist?

If absolutely nothing existed, no planets, no stars, no earth, no animals, no man etc would God still exist?

Imagine the absolute beginning of time, just prior to the big bang, or for those who believe in creation, before those first divine words were spoken “let there be light”  Did God exist?  Was there then, a God of nothing?

It seems pointless doesn’t it? God without anything else? nothing to govern? nothing to supervise? nothing to rule over?

It seems that God needed the creation as much as the creation needed God.

Even if everything else existed except man, would there still be a need for God? Who would know him and love him and adore him? …..The animals?

It seems that God needs man as much as man needs God.

One can’t help but come to the conclusion that at some point in his evolution, man became aware of how fragile life was, how dependent he was on unseen forces. He lost confidence in his ability to secure himself and his family from all of the destructive forces that were constantly around, and needed the help of something more powerful than himself. As a result, he created an imagined being who was capable of doing anything and everything, to whom he could appeal for help in times of need.

And that is how it has remained up to this day.




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