What a useful attribute to possess, “Imagination”. It allows us to create an alternate reality! Everything we know, everything we have built, everything we believe, had its origins in our imagination. It is the birthplace of all ideas and all inventions, and religion is no exception.

Everyone has his or her own version of “God”. Everyone will tell you that they have their own “Personal relationship with the almighty”, That he has personally intervened in many of their troubles and tribulations.  But a God who helps one person disadvantages another. A God who helps one side to win  has also caused one side to loose. This does not gel with the image we have that God is fair to all men. What that proves is that religious beliefs exist solely for the benefit and in the imagination of each individual.

I have therefore come to the conclusion that all forms of spiritual and supernatural beings and ideas,  whether it be god, the devil, angels or saints, heaven or hell are, nothing more than figments of the human imagination. We can chose to live in the real world or in an imagined one, the important thing is to know the difference.

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