The Problem with Atheists.

The problem with atheists is that they think that natural phenomena is well, just natural phenomena.  They think that random events are just that, random events.  They do not subscribe to the prevailing theory that there is really a hidden power behind it all. One who directs everything and makes good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people…or is it the other way around?

They are not inherently bad or immoral people as some like to think, they just don’t like fabricating stories to explain things that they know nothing about. They prefer to let those who have the aptitude, the time and the money, do the research and explain why things are the way they are. They have no problem not knowing all the answers, and have no problem admitting their ignorance.

Bless their innocent souls.

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4 Responses to The Problem with Atheists.

  1. (got carried away with my reply sorry)Well, I’d argue being the opposite is potentially true. Natural phenomena are truly just natural phenomena and being convinced of a hidden power behind it all is innocent behavior from our part; our way of emotionally handling events beyond our control or phenomena we don’t understand yet but which have the potential to harm us leads us to humanize it and turn it freindly. Everything truly is random, evolution particularly.
    To accept that we don’t know and acknowledge our ignorance is a quite a heavy-hearted thing to do (admitedly less hard if you’re born into an atheist environment). You’re essentialy letting go and relinquishing a feeling of control and stability. It’s a good step for maturation and being humble when you can exercise impartiality.
    But that’s not to say that theists aren’t necesarrily ignorant either, there are stupid atheists too. And faith has practical advantages. Secondly, not believing in religion doesn’t mean not believing in anything. Thanks to humanity’s cognitive ability, we have created a massive amount of subjective things so well entenched that we forget they were once just imagination (laws, countries, rights, organizations ect.) From that point of view, the closest thing an athiest would probably be found in hunter-gatherer societies and such.

  2. Gushopper says:

    Thanks Daniel for taking the time to read my post and for your feedback. It’s much appreciated. I have found that once I was able to give up those doctrines which are drilled into our subconscious from early childhood, I was able to free my mind and think more clearly about what life is all about. I am not sure I am on the right track, in fact I am not sure of anything, but that just makes it more interesting for me to explore new possibilities which I was unable to do when the only answer to all reasonable inquiries about why things are the way they are, was always “God did it” or “it’s in God’s Plan”.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. essiep says:

    Excellent post, a pleasure to read.

  4. Gushopper says:

    Thanks essiep. glad you liked it.

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