Do we need a User Manual?

Self Driving Cars are in the news quite a lot these days. Manufacturers are busy trying to produce robust vehicles which would operate safely, regardless of the circumstances. This makes a lot of sense to me, as I would expect any worthwhile designer who is producing a product which has to operate autonomously, will ensure that the operating instructions are well thought out and are embedded in the circuitry of the particular product.

While I contemplate the challenges facing such a designer, I find myself reflecting on the ultimate designer who I am told, created all of mankind. One would expect that built into the DNA of each individual would be the instructions or guidelines by which we need to operate safely and in harmony with each other. Yet I am told that thousands of years after the first model came off of the assembly line, the designer realized that he needed to provide humans with a “User Manual”, as they apparently were causing all sorts of havoc in his otherwise perfect creation.

So after many many years, along comes a specially selected individual claiming that the ultimate designer had chosen him to draft this “User Manual” and pass it on to all of mankind so that we will all now know how we should behave. Pretty soon, many more individuals pop up all claiming that their “User Manual” was the one inspired by the original creator.

So what we now have, are a number of old generic user manuals, which were written for people living in a different place and at a different time. It’s like trying to use an outdated Toyota User Manual to solve problems being experienced with a modern day Mercedez-Benz. While some of the instructions would apply; “You need to change the oil every few months” etc., much of it is quite useless and no longer applies to our current situation.

No, We don’t need these obsessive, out of date and in some instances, vindictive instructions. Built into the psyche of each one of us is our specific user instructions. It’s embedded in our genes, it’s in our DNA. It’s called our conscience. It tells us what is right and what is wrong, and we should not dismiss what our intuition tells us  to do and how to behave simply because it does not agree with chapter xyz, verse whatever.

As the old sayings go,

“Let your conscience be your guide.” and “Trust your instincts”

Drive safely folks and look out for other users of the road.


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